Meditate On This!

Bert Reynolds

Disruptions can be the catalyst of growth. The moments in life that push our limits or force us to live outside of paradigms can actually be good things. They force us to think and challenge our way. And if embraced, disruptions can actually lead to expansion. 

In Acts 10, Peter has a vision of a sheet containing all kinds of four-footed animals. Although strange, the sheet has a purpose in Peter's life. Peter has a framework of viewing the world rooted in his understanding of who God is and what it meant to follow God. Peter connected God to holiness and purity and would have organized his whole life around being pure. This is where disruption comes into play. This scene with the sheet filled with four-footed animals doesn't fit into Peter's understanding of what it means to follow God, which is why Peter responds the way that he does. 

The scene with the sheet sets up the encounter that Peter has with Cornelius. In Peter's mind, Cornelius would have been considered unclean. He was not only a Gentile but also a member of the Roman army. Based on Peter's understanding of the Torah and purity, Peter would not have entered Cornelius' house because it would have made Peter unclean. But Peter has had that disruption. That moment where everything that he once believed to be true has been challenged. Once you have seen, you cannot unsee. 

At the end of the chapter, Peter declares, "Surely no one can stand in the way of their (Cornelius and his household) being baptized with water." (Acts 10:47) A short period before this statement, Peter would have believed Cornelius to be unclean but now he welcomes him into the family of God. And this new worldview came about because God disrupted Peter's day by showing him a sheet filled with animals. 

Wherever you are coming from, don't deny disruptions. When they happen (and they will), embrace them and learn from them because God is giving you a moment to grow.

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