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CVC in Action

Over the course of the last few years, our Children’s Ministry has had it on their hearts to “Teach Our Kids to Serve.” On Sunday, May 20th, a special new day called “CVC in Action” will commence. Our adult Bible classes will be partnered with our younger classes to complete special service projects for various purposes around town. Our children will then be leading our Worship Service on that Sunday. They have been working hard over the last few weeks to learn some new songs to teach us, as well as to memorize some special verses about Love from I Corinthians 13. That evening we’ll have a special Fellowship Meal from 4:30-6, followed by a Night of Worship from 6-7. Several of our talented singers and instrumentalists will lead us in worship that evening.

In preparation for May 20th, a couple of extra service projects have been planned. We will be serving the meal at the Ronald McDonald House at ACH on May 18th and lunch at Our House on May 19th. We want our kids to see the joy that comes from service and how service is an element of worship!

If you have questions, please contact Jennifer at or by calling Kathryn in the church office!