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Getting to Know our Shepherds: Kent Westbrook

My wife, Jonnie, and I grew up in Clarksville, Arkansas. Jonnie was 15 and I was 16 when we had our first date in August 1956, and we’ve have been together ever since! We married in August 1961, moved to Little Rock, and I attended medical school and trained in General Surgery. During this time, we had our children — September, Fara and Coleman. Upon completion of Surgery training, we moved to Houston, Texas where I studied Cancer Surgery. We returned to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) where I have been on the faculty as a Cancer Surgeon and Professor since 1970. 

   Over the years, we attended Pulaski Heights (now Pleasant Valley Church of Christ), Sixth and Izard (now Windsong Church of Christ) and are founding members of Chenal Valley Church (CVC). Being involved in the starting of CVC was one of the most exciting religious experiences of our lives. We believe that CVC lets people see Christianity in a loving, caring and accepting environment. This helps us all become better Christians and have an impact wherever we are. 

   I continue to work full-time while Jonnie spends a lot of time at UAMS as a volunteer. I spend time in the management of farm land. Jonnie spends time planning and conducting birthday parties, holidays and other special events for everyone in the family. I also hunt, fish and collect Prehistoric Native American art. At one time, Jonnie was a very competitive tennis player. She continues to be an avid sports fan. 

   We are both enthusiastic about seeing the principles of Christ exhibited in the 21st Century Church and believe that this can be accomplished best at Chenal Valley Church.