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CVC Cares

We all know how devastating our present circumstances have been for countless people in our community. Along with the health threat of COVID-19, we know that lives have been impacted from a financial standpoint, from a relational standpoint, from a mental and spiritual health standpoint.  We know some of you as individuals or as families have sought to serve, to give, and to offer compassion and care to others.

We know some Life Groups have provided meals for first responders. And we also have no doubt that there is a lot happening that we are not even aware of. For everything you’ve been doing, we are inspired and grateful.  

We want to build on and expand those efforts, so here is what we are doing. The church leaders have decided to use our Life Groups to help identify and address some of the many needs in our community. We are using some of our financial reserves to allocate $1,000 to each Life Group, as well as the CVC Youth and Children’s programs so that those groups can pray and plan together about how to use that money to make a difference in the community. If you are not connected to a Life Group but want to know more, simply email the church and we will happily give you more information and look to get you connected with a group.  

In the coming weeks after groups have had a chance to start to use that money, we will invite one group each week to share with the rest of the church the ways in which they used that money to serve in the community and show the love of Jesus.  

This is also a good time to remind you that we have resources set aside to help those of our church family who have needs during this time. So if you have needs or you become aware of anyone of our church family who has any need, please let one of the leaders know. We are here for you, we love you, and we want to walk with you and help you however we can.