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Meditate On This: The Many Faces of Jesus

As this pandemic drags on, people are increasingly tired, lonely, afraid, annoyed, and angry. Many are despondent about the present and pessimistic about the future. Life can be hard enough under normal circumstances, and nothing has felt normal for a while now. And in the midst of all of that, people are craving good news. They aren’t just hungry for it; they are starving for it. In a time like this, it’s important to remember something important, something we celebrate and promote and is a part of our core identity as Christians. God is the author of good news. Jesus is the embodiment of good news. Jesus is a good news bearer, proclaimer, promoter, and maker. His entire story is be summed up in one Greek word, euangelion, which can be translated as one English word or two–gospel or good news. And, Christ calls those of us who have received it to share it and show it, to reflect it and project it and live it. During this pandemic, there have been a lot of memes and messages about medical workers and essential workers and now educators as superheroes. I love those. Those are appropriate.  But for all of us who are Christ followers, I’ve got a description that I think is even better. You remind me of Jesus. You are bearers and sharers of good news. When you do what you do in love, in the name of love and the one who came in love, you are a reflection of Jesus, and a projection of Jesus to the world. Keep it up. The world needs as much good news as it can get.

If you missed this week’s service, you can watch it here.