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Not Entitled, but Expectant

In Luke 17:7-10 and Luke 12:37-38, we get two interesting, juxtaposing passages about a master and servant. In chapter 17, Jesus paints the image of a servant finishing a task in the middle of the day. The hypothetical questions Jesus poses are these: Should the servant feel entitled to have the master invite him to stop halfway through the workday—to sit back, kick his feet up, and call it a day? Should the servant feel the master should act surprised and fawn over him for doing his job? No and no. There is more work to do, and the servant is merely doing what he is supposed to do—his job. 

That’s part of the simple point of this parable. We answered the call to receive God’s grace and love and life. We signed up to live the life of Jesus. We chose to walk in the ways of God. We agreed to serve, to share, to show God in what we say and do. We won’t be flawless. God’s grace has us covered. But go forward. Be your best. Do your best. Not part way, but every day we take up a cross and follow. And as we fulfill our daily duties, we do so with an attitude of enthusiasm and love like that of a Chic-fil-A drive-thru employee. “My pleasure. No, it is my pleasure. Seriously, it was my pleasure.” 

This does NOT mean we are never praised or affirmed or rewarded. In fact, we hear numerous times when Jesus praises the faith and generosity of others. You may remember the praise-filled words Jesus offers to those who live in love and faithfulness, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” When we live the life of grace laid out for us, Jesus paints this amazing picture. Luke 12:37 “The master dresses himself to serve the servants. The master invites us to recline at the table.” 

Did you get that? The master waits on the servant! Extraordinary! In these challenging times, determine to go forward. Live the life. Do your duty. Live with humble devotion—not entitled, but eagerly expectant. Great is your reward.