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Meditate On This: All Hands On Deck

Those familiar with the story of Esther likely remember the famous line her cousin, a man named Mordecai, speaks over her: “Who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this (Esther 4:14)?” The short background of this statement is that he urges her to make a courageous, risky decision to speak to the king on behalf of their endangered people. 

Here’s what I like about what Mordecai says. He isn’t assuming he can speak for God. (We could all use a bit more humility, especially when discussing God’s plans for someone else!) Mordecai is convinced, however, that it is the right thing to do. But doing the right thing doesn’t guarantee things will go well. Esther knows this. Still, she has an opportunity that few others have so she steps up in courage and conviction to do what she can. 
That brings us to today. The last 14 months have been like living through a dark and difficult storm, and we have each weathered the storm in our own ways and suffered damage in our own way and are starting to emerge and assess the damage in our own way. For some the recovery will take much longer. For others, it will go quickly. But we all have an opportunity to step up and lift up others. 

The shepherds at Chenal will be reaching out to each member of Chenal to see how they can pray on your behalf and be there for you. Our church is here to help. But please hear me say that along with any needs you may have that we want to know about and help with, there’s a good chance others really need you and you have something important to offer. 

  • Who knows if God isn’t calling you right now to help your neighbor? 
  • Who knows if God isn’t empowering you right now to be there for a coworker? 
  • Who knows if God isn’t preparing you right now to be there for a family on your kid’s little league team? 
  • Who knows the ways God has gifted and prepared you to serve the church?

I can’t answer it for you. Only you can. But who knows, perhaps God is equipping and calling you to step up in faith and courage and conviction and compassion for just such a time as this.