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Elder Announcement

The shepherds want to give you some insight on what to expect during our sessions on August 15, 22, and 29.

All eight of the shepherds will be participating either by providing presentations, or prayers to guide our study of the role of women at CVC. Our goal has been to humbly seek out God’s will for our church family as revealed through the Spirit.
The presentations will be provided during 50-minute sessions prior to Sunday morning worship. Given the limited amount of time and volume of material to be covered, please know that any of your shepherds are available to answer any questions you may have outside of the sessions.

Our goal will be to share with you the process we went through while examining this topic including primarily scripture, and other relevant resources related to understanding God’s will for the role of women in the church. You will be provided with handouts and other resources for you to study. We strongly encourage you to prayerfully examine scripture as we have done and let the Spirit guide you.

As shepherds, we entered our two-year long study from different perspectives. Our conclusions did not come without discomfort for some, impatience for others, and involved spiritual growth for all. Through it all, we remained objective, respectful of one another, and prayerful during our studies. We believe we grew and matured as shepherds through this process.

We ask that you prayerfully join us in this study of God’s word.
Overview of SessionsAugust 15: Session 1

  • Part 1: Prayer and establishing a loving, healthy spirit (Eddie)
  • Part 2: Exercise Handout: Cultural or Permanent? (JJ)
  • Part 3: The many ways that women served in scripture that many of us were not taught (Bruce)

August 22: Session 2

  • Part 1: Interpretation and Scripture (Craig)
  • Part 2: What about 1 Tim. 2 and 1 Cor. 11/14? (Bil and Jay)

August 29: Session 3

  • Part 1: Reasons for Change (Kent)
  • Part 2: Explanation of what will change, how, and when (Roger)