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Meditate On This: The Unnatural Element

40 Days of Growing Deeper (Lent 2022)

We are still near the beginning of our annual focus on renewal and recommitment leading up to Easter. Now more than ever, our lives, our church, and our world need to hear again the promise of a God who brings light into darkness, hope to the hopeless, healing to the hurting. We need the reminder that God brings new beginnings where once there was only endings. We need the promise of new life and renewed life and life that is really, truly life.

I invite you over the coming days to open yourself and empty yourself so that God can fill you again and again. Pray for our world, our community, our church, your family, your life. Below are a few habits you might consider.

  • Add a few spiritual practices to your daily routine. 10 minutes of prayer, bible reading, silence, or meditation can strengthen your soul.
  • Subtract a few distractions. Occasional fasts from food, unnecessary purchases, TV, radio/podcasts, or social media can help create emotional and spiritual space for deeper connection to God.
  • Multiply the impact by partnering with someone else on this journey. By committing to one another, you both grow in the process.