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Mediate On This: Guest Speaker Dr. Mani P.

This past Sunday, Dr. Mani Pagidipalli shared with us the work that is going on in India. Mani is trained surgeon who made the decision to become a full-time missionary in India. Mani is still able to provide medical care through a medical clinic at their church.

Throughout his lesson, Mani touched on the numerous things that his church is doing to serve their neighbors and community. Services like free clinics, skill training, and serving at-risk children and women are just a few of the things that they provide almost every single day.

As Mani shared with us the on-going work in India, I was reminded of the work of the early Church as witnessed in Acts. Regardless of where they came from or where life had taken them, they worked together to bring more of the kingdom of Heaven to earth. I am so thankful for Mani and the work that he is doing in India.

If you’d like to learn more about Mani’s work, I can get you connected with him and subscribed to his newsletter to stay updated on God’s work in India.