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Meditate On This: The Distracted

When you reflect on gathering around a table, what memories come to mind? Perhaps it’s a first date with the person you married? Maybe it’s of those Sunday afternoon lunches at your grandma’s that you wouldn’t miss for the world. But sometimes, gathering around a table called for serious conversations, like learning that your family was changing.

Often when Jesus invited people to a table it was to have serious and life changing conversations. In Luke 10, there’s a story where Jesus visits Mary and Martha’s home. It’s important to know that the entire chapter of Luke is about hospitality, so when we see Martha and Mary welcome Jesus it makes sense.

But this story is different, because Martha is distracted. She’s got so much going on that she literally complains to Jesus that Mary isn’t helping her! But that’s when Jesus tells Martha that Mary is doing the right thing. She’s in the moment and aware that this is a once in a lifetime moment to connect with Jesus.

This week, reflect on the things that you are missing out on because you are distracted. What relationships are suffering because you’re too worried about what’s next and not focused on what’s now? It’s a hard discipline to learn, but if we’re focused on the present, we won’t miss the Messiah right in front of us.