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Meditate On This: Why Not Me: Moses

One of the most well-known stories in the Old Testament is that of Moses. As children, we are told the story of how Moses answered God’s call and delivered the Israelites

from the persecution of the Egyptians. And although Moses has this defining moment where God speaks to him through the burning bush in Exodus 3, we cannot skip over the dialogue that Moses has with God.

It’s easy to look at the questions that Moses has for God and assume that Moses is just trying to assess the situation; however, that’s not what’s going on. Moses doubts himself and doubts God. The very first thing that Moses says after God declares that he will deliver the Israelites is, “What if they don’t believe I talked to you?” (Exodus 3:13) The doubting and questioning of God doesn’t stop there,;Moses continues with, “Why me?” and even ends with a cry to just, “Please send someone else.”

These questions aren’t often listed in the accomplishments of Moses’ life, but they teach us a lot about God. Moses’ doubt doesn’t disqualify him from serving God; rather,

each excuse that Moses extends to God is met with a powerful reminder that God is with Moses and will provide for him. When Moses doesn’t have the confidence, God reminds Moses that he has a staff and that God has already equipped him. And when Moses doesn’t want to go alone, God says that Aaron will go with him.

It’s OK to doubt and struggle, but stories like Moses’ need to serve as a reminder that God will not abandon us in those periods where we lack the confidence we need. God will

equip us (and already has) with the necessary tools to serve in the kingdom. And God will put people in our lives to walk alongside us as we serve. So this week, be reminded that God is with you, has equipped you, and has put people in your life to encourage you.