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Meditate On This: Remember

This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend. Often deemed as the official beginning of summer, it’s a weekend where pools open up and BBQs begin. Although those are certainly important elements of the weekend, that is not the real focus of it.

Memorial Day actually began after the Civil War as something called “Decoration Day.” It was an unofficial holiday used to place flowers on the graves of soldiers who lost their lives in battle. It wasn’t until General John Logan came along that Decoration Day was transformed into what we now call Memorial Day, a day that honors and remembers those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The Bible says a lot about remembering those who came before us and gave their lives. This idea is certainly witnessed in the relationship that Moses has with Joshua and Israel. Moses, who was not permitted to enter the Promised Land, prepares those who came after him. By following his example, they live in his legacy and honor the way that he lived.

But it’s not just Moses who sets this example; Jesus does as well. In Matthew 26, when Jesus discusses the practice of communion, he is providing us with a weekly opportunity to remember, but also live in his legacy. Through our words and actions, we not only remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, but we also live in it.

This week, take some time to reflect on those who have had an impact on your life – those who laid the foundation for how you live. Remember them and honor them.