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Meditate On This: Scissors

The last sermon of our Supply List series focused on scissors. In school, scissors are used to teach kids how to cut shapes. From this activity, they learn the basic idea behind removing things. As adults, we tend to forget that it’s okay to remove things from our lives. Think about it – are there things or commitments that you feel a weight lifted off of you if you quit them.

Author Bob Goff has coined the idea of “quitting things on Thursdays.” He finds one thing to quit each Thursday. It is a fun concept, but it didn’t really start with Bob Goff. God has been giving us permission to quit for a long time. Look at how the disciples are called to follow Jesus. In Luke 5, they are literally doing their jobs as fishermen when they decide to leave those jobs and follow Jesus. Another example would be the calling of Levi; he literally gets up from his desk and follows Jesus. These individuals quit something to follow Jesus.

That’s the tricky part about quitting things. You must determine the right things to quit. A basic rule of thumb is that you can’t quit your calling, but you can quit things that hinder your ability to live out that calling. In the sermon, I referenced distractions, excuses, and people. At some point or another, we have all experienced the need to remove some of those things from our lives. Perhaps you have allowed distractions to take hold of your life and you no longer feel as though you have clarity. Or, maybe you’ve spent a long time making excuses as to why you can’t serve. Or, perhaps there are individuals in your life that hurt your spirit. Take time this week to examine those areas of your life and consider quitting something so that you can grow in your walk with Christ.