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Meditate On This: Apple Pie

When I think of the holidays, apple pie for dessert comes to mind. This has been a staple at our family Thanksgiving meals for as long as I can remember. Something that I have always overlooked about the apple pie is the simplicity of it.

Here’s a secret: people love things that are simple. When things get complicated, people lose interest. I think this is why Paul talks about the importance of simplicity in church. However, Paul isn’t the first person to talk about this; it starts with Jesus.

In Matthew 22, Jesus is asked which is the greatest commandment, and he responds with simplicity: love God and love your neighbor. In Matthew 21, when Jesus clears the temple, he does so in order to remove the clutter in order to do the work of God.

Chenal has always been a church dedicated to making sure people have a place. We have always been a church less concerned about someone being able to jump through hoops and more concerned with them feeling welcomed. We want to remove the hurdles and the challenges that come along with membership and provide access to the Gospel to as many people as possible. Because of that attitude and commitment, Chenal feels like home.