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Meditate On This: Elizabeth

As we enter the home stretch for the holidays, we are all likely going to be spending more time with family that we haven’t seen in awhile. In my experience, more family time often comes with more dialogue and advice. At times, it’s difficult to hear the voices of those we are the closest to. As I reflect on my youth, I remember the stories that my grandmother used to tell. I would politely listen even though I’d heard them time and time again. But now that she’s passed, I’d give anything to hear those stories often filled with wisdom again.

It’s important that we are open to hearing from family or those close friends that we consider family. Their voices and guidance can help shape who we are and who we can become. The foundations for our lives are often laid by those who have come before. Thus, their words have meaning and value.

I believe this understanding is why Mary runs to Elizabeth when she learns that she will bear theMessiah. Mary trusts Elizabeth and their relationship is clearly a close one; when Mary needs guidance or advice, the first person she thinks to reach out to is her cousin Elizabeth.When she does, Elizabeth brings to light the amazing journey that Mary is about to embark on. She tells Mary amazing things about the child that is within her.

At times, it’s difficult to listen to those closest to us. Perhaps we think they know us too well or that we know better than anyone else. But God places family and close friends in our lives for support and guidance. And when we take the opportunity to listen to them, we may be able to see a fuller picture for our lives, just like Mary does when she listens to Elizabeth.