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Meditate On This: Magi

Throughout the month of December, we’ve discussed three individuals that spoke into the life of Mary. The first was Gabriel, who represented the divine voice of God. This was needed at a time when Mary felt alone and isolated from others. 

Then there was Elizabeth. Elizabeth represented a familiar voice of comfort during a time of joy! It was Elizabeth whom Mary ran to after hearing the message from Gabriel.

And finally, there were the shepherds. It is easy to associate them with the story of the birth of Christ and insert our own familiarity, but to Mary, these were strangers who showed up one day informing her that they too had received a message from on high. There’s an interesting element to this dialogue- Luke doesn’t include any of it. Luke doesn’t share a single word that the shepherds said to Mary. All we learn is that Mary cherished these words in her heart. 

Have you ever had someone unfamiliar speak into your life? Maybe a stranger shares a bit of wisdom or guidance exactly when you need it. When we experience those moments, we should cherish them and understand that God is showing up even we don’t expect it. 

As we’ve discussed the idea of messengers this month, something comes to mind. It’s so easy to study these characters and not mirror them. We are given the story of the birth of Christ because God has entered the world. This changes everything. It changes how we view everyone. It also means that we too are called to be messengers. Just like the three individuals in our series, we too are called to share the good news that Jesus Christ is born.