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Meditate On This: To The Ends of the Earth

In Matthew 28, the Great Commission is recorded. It is a powerful statement given to Jesus’ disciples before He ascends to heaven. As it should be, the Great Commission is also extended to us as well- a challenge to go and do the things that God has set before us.

For a moment, think about the disciples. At this point in the story, there are eleven of them remaining. These are young men who have abandoned everything to follow Jesus. They left their jobs and families to follow a man who promised them a new way and a new hope. I mention this because this is likely the point where they are asking themselves, “What do we do now?” In my opinion, this is an appropriate question to ask at this point. That’s why the Great Commission is so powerful. It gives these followers of Jesus direction and purpose, and they’re promised that the Holy Spirit will go with them.

A lot of us have that feeling at different points in our lives. We wonder what we are supposed to do or how we are called to serve. The Great Commission tells us that in order to discover that, we have to go and do. If we are going to go and reach our neighbors and the Little Rock community, we have to go. I’ve said it before but the days of church growth where people come just because the doors are open are over. If churches desire to grow, they have to go where the people are. (Yes, that was a subtle reference to the Little Mermaid.) 

Over the next few months, we are planning events and activities both on our campus but also outside the church walls. These will be a blend of service projects and casual opportunities to connect with our community. As always, if you have an idea or event that you are excited about, please share that with me.