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Meditate On This: Water Into Wine

As a kid, I loved hearing the miracle stories of Jesus. Those stories stretched and shaped my understanding of the limitless possibilities of Jesus. That fascination has continued into adulthood because I still love those miracle stories, albeit for different reasons. As an adult, I see these stories as God entering the world and restoring it. These stories highlight Jesus healing, giving hope, and restoring broken lives.

With that in mind, it’s okay to highlight that the first miracle of Jesus is unique. It takes place at a wedding and is done with clear hint of reluctance from Jesus. After his mother commands the servants to “do whatever he tells you,” Jesus makes them fill the jars and draw some out and give it to the master of the wedding. 

It’s easy to focus on the wine and ignore what has just happened. Jesus has transformed water into wine. This is literally his first miracle. For the majority of my life, I’ve seen this as Jesus blessing these people with a continuation of the celebration, but that’s not what’s happening. Jesus is showing the servants what he came to do: to take what we are willing to give him and transform it into something new. Do you see that? It’s powerful and life-changing and it all occurred at a wedding in a little town called Cana.