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Meditate On This: Jesus Calms the Storm

I’ve always hated storms. There’s something about their development and strength that has always made me uneasy. Lucky for me, I’m not alone. The disciples of Jesus also felt this way about storms, especially storms on the Sea of Galilee. These particular storms developed quickly and severely. 

This setting is the framework for the story that is found in Luke 8. One day, while crossing the sea, a severe storm breaks out. The disciples are terrified and look for Jesus only to discover that he is asleep. It’s here that they awake him and declare that they are going to die.

Jesus then says these words, “Where is your faith?” I’ve often wondered the intent here, because these are young men who are clearly terrified of this storm. And although it feels like Jesus is yelling at them, I believe he is teaching them. He’s asking them if they understand who he is. Do they grasp the power of the divine? 

But it also presents a really important question about what we do during storms. When life gets hard and the waves start to swell, where do you turn? Do you try to do things on your own? Do you ignore them? Or do you turn to Jesus?