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Meditate On This: Jesus Heals the Blind

Throughout the ministry of Jesus, Jesus restores sight to several different individuals. Each story is unique in its own right, but they all draw us back to Jesus. This past Sunday, we looked at three of those stories of sight being restored. The first story was found in Luke 18. In this story, a blind beggar hears that Jesus is walking past him and, in this moment, takes the opportunity to cry out to Jesus. After demonstrating persistence, Jesus states, “Receive your sight, your faith has healed you.” This individual demonstrated that he believed that Jesus was who he said he was.

In Mark 8, Mark records a story of Jesus literally spitting in a man’s eyes and asking him, “Do you see anything?” I love this question for several reasons, but the primary one being that if someone spit in my eyes, I better be able to see afterwards. But all kidding aside, it’s from this exchange that we learn something about this individual: he wants to see. You can hear the desire and need to see in his voice when he tries to open his eyes and says, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.” This isn’t someone being critical of Jesus; rather, this is an individual who is desperate to see. In this story, we learn of the second element that shows up when Jesus restores sight: desire. 

In the final story we looked at, John 9, Jesus meets a man who has been blind since birth. This story, like Mark 8, involves Jesus using his hands and making clay and placing it upon the man’s face. But this story includes something unique as well: the man is told to do something. Jesus instructs this man to go to the pool of Siloam and wash his face. Again, another element that we learn from this story is that action is required for those who believe and desire to be restored by Jesus. 

The stories of Jesus healing the blind are beautiful reminders that at one point or another in all of our lives, our vision may become cloudy. There may be seasons where it’s difficult to see where God is leading us or what God is doing. But if we believe, trust, and respond, Jesus will restore our sight.