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Meditate On This: Guest Speaker Steven Morris

I want to thank Steven Morris for speaking this past Sunday! As most of you know, Steven is the programing director at River City Ministry, a wonderful organization that provides services and warm meals to those in need.

On Sunday, Steven shared a wonderful sermon about hope and mercy. By using the story of the blind beggar in John 9, Steven references the question that the disciples (and us as well) struggle with: “How did this individual get into this difficult circumstance?” Often, as Steven pointed out, we tend to the blame individual and when we do this, we allow ourselves to remove the obligation to help or care for this person.

This concept that Steven preached on isn’t new. Humanity has been wrestling with this since the beginning of time. One of the individuals that was referenced Sunday was Julian of Norwich, often called the Apostle of Hope. Julian of Norwich had an incredible ability to show compassion and to see those that the world overlooked. Even Julian struggled with this idea of why individuals find themselves in challenging situations.

Towards the end of her life, she began to see God’s judgment and mercy in a new and hopeful way. For example, Julian would have understood the story from John 9 as a means to show that God used the hardship of the man to show the work of healing and to draw the hurting to God. This is a powerful detail to remember: that when we face hardships, God is at work. Just because God doesn’t answer our questions or pleas immediately does not mean that God is ignoring them. It was here that Steven pointed out that sometimes we have to give God space to work in our lives.  

Again, I am so thankful for Steven and his message that he shared this past Sunday. If you haven’t yet, I’d encourage you to click the link above this and watch it!