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Meditate On This: Baby Dedication

Meditate On This

Baby Dedication is one my favorite Sundays of the year. It is a special day where a family and church enter into a covenant. This covenant requires action from both parties. In the sermon, I highlighted the roles of the parents in this relationship. They are to teach and guide their children as they grow up. Proverbs 22:6 talks about the importance of leading your child in a way that prepares them for a life that trusts and follows God. Another important thing that parents must do is to enjoy their time with their children. So often, we are so focused on the “next” part of raising a child that we forget to enjoy our time with our children now.

Just as the parents have a role in this covenant, so does the church. First, the church must make room for children. In Matthew 18, Jesus brings a child to the center of a question that the disciples asked. They want to know who was the greatest in the kingdom of God, and Jesus positions a child in the middle. This would have caught everyone off guard because kids were looked down upon in this society, and they certainly weren’t viewed as important. But what Jesus does in this moment is a powerful reminder for churches to make room for the little ones. This doesn’t just mean providing classes for them, but also making sure they know that we are so glad they are a part of this church.

In providing space, we also have to make sure that we are presenting the example of Christ in our actions and words. In Romans 12:2, Paul talks about being transformed no longer to the patterns of this world. This is the example that children at our church need to see: that we want to look more like Jesus than the world.

And finally (this is my favorite one), the church needs to celebrate and have fun with children. When you hear those squeaky shoes running in the lobby, rejoice. When you see kids worshipping and having a blast because they love a certain song, rejoice. And when we have an opportunity to celebrate a birthday or accomplishment, rejoice. Here’s the best part: when we make the effort and show these kids and their families how important they are, they will want to be here and do the same for others.