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Meditate On This: The Spirit as Counselor

Over the last few weeks, we have discussed the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and the New Testament. This past Sunday, we discussed one of functions of the Holy Spirit that is present throughout: the Holy Spirit as counselor. In this function, the Holy Spirit can provide guidance or wisdom in situations where they are much needed. 

One clear example of this is found in Acts 16, during Paul’s missionary journey. In the scene, Paul wants to go to Asia but the Holy Spirit does not permit Paul to enter; rather the Holy Spirit eventually redirects Paul and his companions to head to Philippi where they meet and preach to Lydia. This movement is important because Paul recognizes that something within him is telling him to change course and head into a different region. 

Paul’s response here is important when we reflect on the Holy Spirit as counselor. This first thing that Paul does is actually listen. It may sound trivial, but it is really crucial in having this relationship with the Spirit. Those feelings where God is pulling on your heart to do something or respond in a certain way are the Spirit working through you. How you respond to that matters. 

The second part is as crucial as the first, we have to be willing to submit to the work of the Holy Spirit. Again, using Paul as the example, Paul could have easily disregarded the movement of the Spirit and continued on doing what he wanted to do. However, Paul recognized that life led by the Spirit is better than being led by our own selfish desires. 

Living this way takes time. And more than time, it takes and trust and reflection. But as Paul describes in Romans 8, life by the Spirit is freedom. When we trust and live this way, our lives have meaning and purpose beyond what we could ever imagine.