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Meditate On This: Guest Speaker – Keith Lape

I am so thankful for Keith Lape. This past Sunday, Keith blessed us with not just a lesson, but a presence of joy. From the time that he arrived on our campus, Keith was hugging people and shaking hands all with the joy of the Lord.

During his lesson, Keith presented a lot of material of the work that’s being done at River City Church, River City Ministry, Silver City, and Hands Up Housing. The work of all these ministries is blessing people throughout the inner-city of Little Rock. Throughout his lesson, there was a larger theme that Keith kept coming back to: this idea of the ministry of reconciliation. As followers of Jesus, we have a role in this rebuilding and restoring of individuals and communities.

In story after story, Keith highlighted the work that is being done by these ministries. In one story, what stood out the most was the commitment to an individual that just needed to know she had a place. She was welcomed and accepted into a community that cared for her and would be there for her. If memory serves, Keith stated that they just kept encouraging her to come back and get plugged into a community that cared about her.

I love stories of reconciliation. They give us hope and PROOF that God is still working in our hearts and communities. But they are also living testimonies that we are called to walk alongside individuals on their journeys, that when they struggle, we provide assistance and care.

Again, I am so thankful for the example and witness of Keith Lape. He truly has a heart of a servant and is such a blessing for all those who encounter him.