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Meditate On This: Lists

Almost every road trip begins with some form of planning. That may be in the form of simply having a desire to go somewhere or actually mapping it out and making lists so that you are sure you have everything you need. This Sunday, we began our study on the missionary journeys of Paul by talking about what prepared or equipped Paul for what was ahead of him.

Paul’s story begins well before his entrance in Acts. In fact, Paul was raised to study and know the Scriptures. Beyond his academic background, Paul also persecuted the church, which is how many are introduced to Paul: at the stoning of Stephen.

These are the background and life events that made him who he was. His understanding of Scripture drastically influenced his ability to write. And furthermore, his history of persecuting the church allowed him to understand and appreciate the grace and forgiveness that comes from God alone.

As we begin this study on Paul’s missionary journeys, we can see ourselves in some of these stories. Perhaps you feel lost or like you’ve just been driving in circles. These stories of Paul’s journeys are as relatable today as they were when Paul wrote them. So grab your road trip snacks, turn on the radio, and let’s enjoy the road trip.