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Meditate On This: Let’s Go!

As we begin Paul’s first missionary journey, a few things have to come together before Paul takes his first step. For starters, God calls a man named Ananias to go and heal Paul. Imagine, for a moment, that you are Ananias. You love and trust God, but in this moment, God calls you to reach out to the worst person imaginable: someone who goes about persecuting Christians. But after a brief moment of hesitation, Ananias does it. 

There’s this really cool thing that Paul does after he is healed and he’s baptized. The text tells us that he immediately went into the synagogues and began to preach. Have you ever experienced a feeling like that? Have you ever been so motivated and excited to get going that nothing could hold you back? There is a level of excitement within Paul at this point in his journey. He’s ready and willing to share with everyone what God has done in his life and how God can work in the lives of others. 

Although there are some challenges along the way, Paul continues on, even when he is run out of town. He is just ready and willing to serve however he can. He’s consumed with spreading the Gospel, and nothing can hold him back. The sermon ended this week with the disciples being prepared to send out a gift to those suffering in Judea. After they collect what they can, they select two individuals to take the gift: Paul and Barnabas. 

This window that we are invited into in Paul’s story is one of excitement and growth in the church. This is happening because the church isn’t sitting still; they are doing things, serving, and making sure that everyone has a role. At this point in the church, there is no one more eager to share this with all than Paul. But as we move forward, Paul will face a few challenges as he enters new regions.