Looking for Life

   When the original Easter morning rolls around, the men have scattered. The women remain strong, they are devoted, and they are going to do the decent, loving thing–prepare Jesus’ body with spices for burial, as is the custom. Yet even for them the picture hasn’t come into focus.
   Why bring burial spices for a man who is alive? Why are you preparing for a memorial when you should be preparing for a meet up? “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” That’s the question the angels ask, and I happen to think that this is one of the most poignant, probing questions asked in scripture.
   Why do we so often look for life where there is no life? Why do we keep looking for life in things that don’t last? Why would we waste any more time living for lesser things when there are greater things? Why would we waste any more energy looking for the living among dead things–rummaging through the graveyards of selfishness, anger, constant fear, misplaced pride, of bigotry, greed, or controlling lusts?
   Look for life where the Resurrected One walks. Look for life by living like the Living One. Love as he loved, who he loved, which is everyone.
   Life is found when you give more than when you receive. Life is found when you do for others what you hope they would do for you. Life is found when you think of others before you think yourself. Life is found when you serve others instead of worrying about being served. Life is found when you offer kindness and compassion for the “least of these.”      Life is found in love, in friendship. Life is found when you seek first kingdom things and kingdom goodness and righteousness, then all the other things you need will be given as well. Life is found in walking with and becoming more like Jesus, whom we declare every day is the risen Lord.
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