Meditate on This! (2-25)

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. (Matt 5:6)

I decided to look up the word meek in the thesaurus to see what synonyms might show up. Humble and gentle are there, and while those aren’t at the top of the list of traits Americans most pursue, those can be viewed favorably. But go a little further and some might say it goes down hill: Mild. Quiet. Timid. Compliant. Submissive. Docile. Lowly.

It’s no wonder when some people think of the meek, they think weak. They rhyme, after all, so they must be close in meaning. Other people hear meek and they think “unmanly.” Whatever you think it means to be manly, meek must be the opposite, right?

It’s true that “meekness” in the ancient world was often associated with people of low means or social standing. For some, being humble is not just a choice; it is a condition of life.

But we need to understand this word meek a little better. Those who are weak may very well be meek, but the strong can choose to be meek as well, and show greater strength. The lowly may be meek, but those in positions of power and prominence can choose to be meek also, and show the greatest of Christ-like leadership. After all, Jesus was described as meek.

When will we learn in our society that you don’t have to give up convictions to get rid of hostile aggression and abuse? Maybe our society would learn it if they see us disagree without being so disagreeable. Maybe they will learn it when we “give an answer to everyone who asks (about) the reason for the hope that you have… (and we) do this with meekness and respect” (1Peter 3:15). Maybe they will learn it when we model the meekness of Jesus. Then we will be inheritors of the earth because we are agents of world remade.

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