Molding by Modeling

Last weekend’s CVC in Action activities were truly tremendous. A group of members, kids and adults alike, gathered on Friday night to serve a meal at the Ronald McDonald House, an amazing place offering lodging and love for families whose kids are receiving treatment at Children’s Hospital. On Saturday, another diverse group of members gathered to serve lunch to the clients at Our House, a tremendous organization providing short term housing along with a variety of services for families in need.

Sunday brought the rest of CVC in Action to an incredible conclusion. During our worship service, the kids led us in some of the most beautiful and holy worship we could witness. Before that, children of varying age levels partnered with adult classes on simple, yet practical service projects during class. In down-to-earth, hands on experiences we were all reminded of the importance of learning to put our love in action through service.

We all require that refresher. We all need the encouragement. We can all benefit from godly examples of people who don’t just talk a big game of faith, but humbly, faithfully, and regularly live it. The apostle Paul, who was not at all shy about confessing his sins and shortcomings, also did not hesitate to embrace his role of being a model of love in action. Thus, he tells the church in Corinth to, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ (1 Cor. 11:1).”

Truth is, whether we always want to admit it or not, the children of our church are looking to us adults to model the ways of Jesus. They hear the way we talk about others. They see whether our claims of compassion match our actions. We will never be perfect, but with God’s help we can serve as a picture of what Christ-like kindness looks like in the little moments of everyday life.

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