New Creations

A new encounter calls for a new response. In the Gospels, there are numerous examples of how people respond to Christ when meeting him for the first time. A starting point for this would be the shepherds in Luke 2. When meeting baby Jesus for the first time, the shepherds do something that they have likely never done before. They begin telling everyone they see about this new encounter. Something within these men has changed.

Moving forward in Luke 5, a man with leprosy encounters Jesus. This man has been cast out of society but Jesus ignores this rejection and touches the man and heals him. After healing the man, Jesus instructs him not to tell anyone, but news of this healing spreads. How? The man cannot contain his new encounter anymore. He has to share it with everyone he comes into contact with.

Paul speaks of this new way of living in 2 Corinthians 5 when writes, “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.” When we encounter Christ, a new response should occur. Our old ways should no longer define us because we have been given a new identity in Christ. Maybe you are looking for something new. Maybe the beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity for you to respond to something new.

If you are looking for a few ideas to get started with this New Creation mindset, here are a few:
Dive into Scripture. If you’re looking for a Gospel to start with, try Mark.
Pray / Communicate with God. It doesn’t have to be perfect or formal, but communication with God always to connect with our Creator.
Try something new. There are a lot of different activities to get involved with at Chenal. From Life Group to Night Owls, there is something for you.

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