The Little Way

Sometimes we feel torn between the lives of radical hospitality to which we feel called and the busy lives we are living. We are inspired by stories of sacrificial servants, past and present, who do heroic things in the name of Jesus. By contrast, our days are filled with domestic life and work and not much else. Are we second rate or second class Christians? Is there a way to welcome others as Christ welcomes us (Rom. 15:7) amidst the daily grind?

This is where I find what Therese of Lisieux calls the “Little Way,” so helpful. Making room for others, widening our welcome doesn’t start with a church program or government policy. All of those can have their place, but don’t wait to love Jesus in disguise in the everyday moments of life. Want to be a radical follower of Jesus? Try doing every small thing you do with great love. That’s the Little Way-do every small thing with great love.

Richard Beck writes: “Try waiting in line at the supermarket with great love. Try dealing with an irritating office mate with great love. Try sitting in traffic with great love. Try dealing with your screaming toddler with great love. Try reading your social-media feeds with great love. Try treating with your neighbor with great love.” Try responding to your spouse who did that thing, again, with great love. Try talking with the person who cleans your office or mows your lawn or services your heater or launders your dresses with great love. Try embodying the affections of Jesus in everything you do.

Try it and tell me if the Little Way isn’t the most heroic and radical thing you’ve ever attempted in your life. Not because what you or I do is big. It doesn’t have to be. It may be small-mustard seed small. But even a little goes a long way with the Lord.

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